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Sunday in Brazil

We had a good time worshipping with the Brazilians.




imageWe showed a video of our ministry, then Barb talked about it (in Portuguese).






imageAfter that, Dale preached. We had a translator who has been doing missionary work so that was extra special.  It was a good time.  It’s such a blessing to be able to be involved in their lives.







People That We Will See

These are just a few of the people we will see in Brazil.  They are such good friends!  Some are traveling quite a ways to see us.  It will be exciting to hear more about their ministries and be an encouragement to them.  They will certainly be a blessing to us.

Then with Roque and his family

Then, we will be with Roque and his family along with many other brothers and sisters in Christ.   This will be our third trip to this area.  We are always encouraged as we see them growing in the Lord.

We are praying that we can encourage them to keep on looking to Him!!  We are also hoping to visit the NTM Bible school there too.

We appreciate your prayers as we attempt to be a blessing.  I know that we will be blessed by them!!

When We Arrive in Brazil

This summer we will board our flight to Brazil.  We will first be spending time with Israel & Andrea.

We met them In Macedonia on our first trip to the Bible School there.  They now are at their home church and he is the pastor there now and also is an NTM Representative.  Israel was able to visit us here in the USA a couple years ago.

What a joy it will be to meet the people of his church and spend time with him.  He speaks English so Dale will be able to encourage him in His ministry there.

Visas for Brazil

God has answered so many prayers for us during these past months.  We traveled to Washington DC to apply for our visas to Brazil as ours had run out.   Barb loved speaking Portuguese once again and the lady at the consulate was surprised at her ability to speak without an accent.  (She learned it when she was 6)

We showed her that we had a 5 year visa last time and she told us that now they give a 10 year one.  The consulate can decide the length of the visas, deny it, give 90 days or longer.

Five days later our passports arrived with a 10 year visa!!  Praise the Lord as the price of the visa is $160 each now!!!