Mission Trips with Dale & Barb McAlister

The Lord has allowed us to be involved in several short-term trips.  These are life-changing opportunities for young people – AND for us.  God is Faithful!!!

India2015)India in 2014

This was a great experience as we worked with people from that part of the world who have a burden and vision for unreached people groups.




Brazil2012Brazil in 2012

Our goal of this trip was to be an encouragement and blessing to the many friends that we had worked with while with the teams.  God answered our prayers and gave us a terrific trip.   We preached and taught a few times, but the best time was in being with the people.




Haiti in 2011

We loved being with the Haitians again and seeing their love for our Lord even after all the tragedy.  We taught in a pastoral conference, then with a group of 8 guys who are involved in various types of ministry.



Thailand2010Thailand in 2010

We spent about a week with a group of Lahu people.  The Lord gave us opportunity for bible teaching from our notes of Papua Guinea people and we were able to spend time in several villages getting to know people and sharing in their lives. It was another awesome trip.





Haiti in 2009

This was my second trip to Haiti. We taught basic bible teaching from the notes that we used with the Kuman people of Papua New Guinea. Then we had a few sessions on Disciple Making to talk about how they could use that material to teach others. The Haitians loved it. I’m sure many of them will pass it on.




Haiti2008Haiti in 2008

A group of us had a three day conference to teach on Disciple Making. It was awesome to see the excitement of the Haitians as they were learning more about God’s Word.






Summer of 2008

We had another great trip to Brazil. It was exciting to see each team member get to know the Brazilians and see their love for Him. Most of our time was at a bible institute that is sending Brazilians to remote areas to reach the world for Him. It was great to see their desire to serve our Lord.





Brazil2007Summer of 2007

Youth For Christ had the dedication of a chapel that they have recently completed. They named it after Barb’s dad who started Youth For Christ of Brazil in 1951. We were very thankful and proud as Barb was being recognized as his daughter at such a special event. It was awesome!

We also spent time with Brazilian friends. We both gave a mission challenge in their church. We were thankful for another great summer.





Summer of 2005

We were a blessing to the people of South America, allowed them to be a blessing to us, learned more about the work of missionaries, saw the needs of people in another country, and learned more about our own walk with the Lord. Sound like a good trip? IT WAS!






Summer of 2004

We took another group to South America.  The people were great with the team and we loved our time with them.  Their desire is to train and send their own people to tribal people who have never heard the gospel in their own language.






November 2003 – A trip to Germany!!!

We went with a church group to Frankfurt, Germany. Our main purpose was “Prayer Walking” among the refugee and immigrants. What an awesome experience.






Summer of 2003

We had an awesome summer in South America. It was exciting to be around people from another country who have the same desire of reaching people for Christ.



Brazil2002Summer of 2002

We took a group of young people to South America and had another terrific time. We enjoyed learning about people who live in another country but love the same Lord. Since that trip, each person on the team has been asking God “What do you want ME to do to help share the gospel with people around the world.”




Challenging2001Summer of 2001 – Challenging young people

We weren’t able to take a team, but the Lord allowed us to help in sending young people to various parts of the world. It’s exciting to see people interested in reaching the world for Him.




Summer of 2000 – To Papua New Guinea

Barb and I went with a group of 52 to Papua New Guinea with INTERFACE. They learned a lot about missions and the needs of the tribal people. Each of them agree that GOD IS FAITHFUL.



Sent1999Summer of 1999 – Sending teams

We met Wendy and Hannah at a youth meeting in Pensacola, Florida. They were excited about the opportunity of experiencing missions so went to Papua New Guinea with a team. They spend most of the summer in the same area as we took a team in 1998.




PNG1998Summer of 1998 – To Papua New Guinea

We took a team of 20 young people to Papua New Guinea. Most of the time was spent at the Highlands Headquarters but we were able to visit the areas of the Kuman people where we had worked for 15 years.

Several of the team members are on their way back to the mission field. It’s exciting to see them go.


Brazil1997Summer of 1997 – Team to PNG

We had been in Papua New Guinea for four years and had come home for furlough when we heard that our house was burned in tribal fighting.  It was sad, but now we see more of God’s faithfulness.

We took a team of 18 back with us to build a house.  FIVE of them are now missionaries!!!  They saw the spiritual needs of people in the remote areas of the world and decided to make a difference.