To Missionary Training in 1969

Our desire was to serve the Lord wherever He  would lead us, so in 1969 we left Idaho for mission training with New Tribes Mission.  After finishing the training, we taught at the Language Institute in Missouri for 10 years.  We taught methods of learning tribal languages that are used by several hundred students in many areas of the world.  What a privilege to be involved in their lives and ministries.


Our Family

To Papua New Guinea in 1981
God allowed us to work with the Kuman people, a tribe of over 80,000 people who needed to know our Lord.  After learning the language, we taught the people with a Chronological teaching approach.  Their response was slow, but we will be able to see many of them in Heaven and rejoice together. Andy

We translated most of Genesis into their language as well as other portions of the Bible.  It was great to see them read God’s Word in their own language.  Read More:

Team to Brazil

Now Serving in the USA
In 1998, we had to return to the USA because of health, but the Lord gave us another exciting ministry.  Since that time, we have been using our experience on the mission field to challenge others to go.

We have led several missions teams to Papua New Guinea and Brazil and have seen many of the team members continue with career missions.   Recently, we have also been involved in trips to Haiti, Thailand and India.  Serving the Lord is exciting!       Read More